Menstrual Cycle Diet

How To Setup Your Diet Throughout The Menstrual Cycle

It has been shown that a diet that shifts from focusing on carbs to focusing on fats and…

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Eat More Like Mediterranean Cultures

Why We All Need To Eat More Like Mediterranean Cultures

The Food Traditions of the Mediterranean Area Around the Mediterranean Cultures & Sea, the Mediterranean area is made…

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Low-Sugar Diet

How To Boost Your Health With A Low-Sugar Diet

Why stop eating Low-Sugar Diet? Many adults eat a lot more sugar than the government says is healthy.…

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Cholesterol Through Diet

Managing Your Cholesterol Through Diet

Heart disease and heart attacks are more likely to happen if you have high cholesterol through diet. Your…

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eat calories

What Happens If You Eat Too Few Calories

When trying to lose weight, people often cut back on how many calories they eat. Too much calorie…

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5 Main Foods You Need To Eat

Foods You Need To Eat More Of In Your Diet 

Consume a range of foods. Consuming a range of foods from all 5 main food categories in the…

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Health Diet

Why A Diet With More Plants Is Better For Your Health

Eating more plants is better for your health, but that doesn’t mean you have to become a vegetarian…

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Mediterranean Diet Breakfast Recipes

14 Easy Mediterranean Diet Breakfast Recipes with Lots of Protein to Make on a Busy Morning

These easy breakfast recipes show that the Mediterranean diet isn’t just about eating Greek or Italian food for…

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weight loss

How To Monitor Your Weight Loss with Healthy Food Intake

5 Important Things That Help You To Weight Loss 1. Eating more frequent and smaller meals Increasing your…

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healthy protein

How To Manage Protein Intake During A Diet

What Does Protein Do? Let’s take a closer look at what healthy protein, which is among the basic…

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