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Foods, Meals and Recipes for Better Nutrition

Meat Based Meals for Better Protein Intake

The healthiest protein sources are fish, chicken, turkey and beef. Combining those protein sources with carbs like bread, you can create healthy, high protein, and delicious meals for yourself. Since you can customize them to your own liking, the burger is a great option for taking more protein in one bite. By combining two types of proteins such as turkey and beef or turkey and chicken, you can increase the protein amount inside your burger patty. You can crack an egg on your burger if you want to take more protein.

Combining Seafood with Vegetables

Combining seafood and vegetables creates a balance because when we consume them together, they give us the right number of lean proteins, minerals and fibre together. Grill some shrimp with spices of yours, then add your shrimp to your favourite salad base. You can apply the same method with salmon or any fish of your choice. These types of recipes can be customized however you like without decreasing the nutritious ingredients.

Eating Pasta as a Healthy Carbohydrate

Lots of people see pasta as a monster, a plate of unhealthy calories or a cheat meal but pasta can be a part of a balanced diet when consumed in excess. You can make your pasta more nutritious if you use whole grain pasta because it is lower in calories and has more fibre in it. What you put in your pasta is as important as the type of pasta. If you chose to combine your pasta with protein and vegetables, you can enjoy a healthier pasta. You should be careful about the portion of the pasta. If you fill your plate more with vegetables and protein and less with pasta, you would feel fuller and lighter. For example, put 40 per cent of pasta, 30 per cent of vegetables and 30 per cent of protein into your meal.

 Vegan Options

It is sometimes hard to find vegan recipes that provide a great amount of protein because vegans can’t eat anything animal-based. Vegans usually replace chicken and meat with tofu because, among soy products, tofu has the biggest amount of protein among plant-based nutrients. Since the vegan lifestyle consists of carbs like potato, rice and pasta and chickpeas, combining those carbs with marinated tofu can enhance the nutrient intake and let vegans enjoy their meals more.


Desserts are also seen as unhealthy foods because of the sugar in them but it is possible to make nutritious desserts by replacing the ingredients which are higher in calories with their healthier equivalents. For example, while making chocolate brownies, you can use blended oats instead of adding flour to your brownie and you can increase the bitter chocolate amount instead of adding granulated sugar. If you want to balance the fat, you can add some nuts to your brownies as well. Replacing ingredients while making desserts can seem crazy and you would think it won’t work like the original recipe but in many desserts, you can’t even notice the difference. When turning recipes to vegan, using plant-based milk instead of normal milk and replacing the eggs with chickpea water can help vegans to enjoy more options as well.

You can make your life effective with simple but healthy foods by checking out this article on the Homeats website, which gives you tips for eating healthier and better, as well as other articles that provide much more information on different but other healthy eating topics.

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