How Do You Fuel Your Workout?

Fuel Your Workout

Which is a better fuel protein or carbohydrate?
Should you consume a sports drink in the long run?
Is it safe to eat before training?
Will protein improve our muscles?

Protein is an important part of a balanced diet, but eating excess protein will not make you magic and stronger. Moreover, the excess protein you cannot use turns into fat. The only way to build muscles is to work out the muscles. Carbohydrates are the best fuel for working out muscles, all you have to do is combine the right protein source and whole grain.
Carbohydrates are the essential fuel of glycogen stored in your muscles to strengthen your workout. In order for the muscle to strengthen, it should not be used for energy, so the glycogen side of the liver should remain full of carbohydrates. Otherwise, the muscles do not develop as much as you want. In a moderate endurance exercise, 50-60% of the energy is derived from carbohydrates.

How effective are sports and energy drinks?

There are no scientifically proven special benefits about many sports drinks and energy nutrients on the market. However, while training, it is important to keep blood glucose (sugar) levels at the same level, replace the lost fluid and provide the right fuel. At this point, these ideally calculated support products can be preferred, but they are not essential. Real foods will also benefit, because food is training fuel.

Energy Drinks

Is it best to do sports with an empty stomach?

Your body needs constant fuel for movement, especially if we are talking about running, cycling, lifting weights, you should not skip breakfast. Contrary to doing sports in a hungry state in studies where those who do exercises for strength and endurance are followed, it seems that eating the right meal at the right time before exercise improves exercise performance.
Breakfast helps to support the glycogen in the liver and keeps blood sugar levels constant. If it is difficult to digest solid food as the first thing in the morning, you can make a choice with fruit, cereal, crunchy milk.
On the other hand, if you are not doing a heavy sport, just doing cardio-style exercise to be healthy and accelerate fat breakdown, if you are not sensitive to insulin and hunger, you can do exercises such as morning walking on an empty stomach. Thus, oil destruction is achieved at the maximum level. Of course, without forgetting to drink plenty of water

Is it okay if my meals are not always in the same order?

The primary rule that exercisers must follow is the discipline of the meal. In addition to the 3 main meals taken regularly, snacks to be consumed provide the body with the necessary energy support and keep the glycogen reservoir full. In this way, it becomes easier to protect muscles and burn fat. Food choices before and after exercise are very important for the results you expect from exercise. In addition to the complex carbohydrate foods you will eat 1 hour before the exercise, a protein food will keep you strong during the exercise. For example, besides 1 fruit, a glass of low-fat or non-fat milk, a toast made with whole grain bread, 3-4 grissini, buttermilk or probiotic yogurt or kefir and fruit or 1 banana and 10 nuts otherwise you will be very hungry for sports. you eat more than you need. After the exercise is over, the carbohydrate stores in the muscles decrease. For this reason, in the first half hour after the exercise, a meal with a high protein rate but containing non-fat carbohydrates should be preferred.

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