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Popular Moves for Good Nutrition and Weight Loss

What is Healthy Eating?

Nutrients are needed in order for the systems of the human body to work properly and perform their daily functions. The foods we consume meet the energy needed for physical activity and biological functions in the body. To meet the need for vitamins and minerals in a complete and sufficient amount for the smooth functioning of the digestive system in a healthy way. has great importance. A healthy diet is necessary for the digestive system, excretory system, and metabolism to function properly. Healthy good nutrition is a diet that contains all the macro and micronutrients of the person in the amount that the person’s body needs. It also meets the amount of energy that the person needs during the day, and is suitable for living a healthier life. No matter how clear the general rules of a healthy good nutrition list are, it would be more accurate to prepare a personalized diet. Especially by dietitians according to everyone’s age, height, weight, and physical activity intensity.

Exercise Moves for Healthy Weight Loss

Inverted V Pipe

This movement, which is similar to the plank movement, is among the simplest movements to help lose weight. The only thing you need to make your work easier while doing this move is the mat. The V Pipe movement is a type of movement focused on melting the fat in the abdominal area. To do this move, lie face down on your mat. Keeping your toes and hands on the mat, pull your legs toward your hands. Lift your hips up and form a V shape. Then slide your feet back to your original state. If it’s a number, you can do this for 30 seconds without getting stuck.


The Crunch movement is one of the most popular movements applied to lose weight and burn fat. This movement, which activates the abdominal muscles, also ensures that your upper body works actively. For this move, lie on your back on your mat and bend your knees slightly. Put your arms behind your head and in this position lift your torso towards your legs. Inhale as you stand up and inhale while lying on your back. If you are doing sports for the first time, you can repeat this movement 10 times in 2 sets as a start.


The most basic and popular movement you can do to have a fit and tight hip is the squat movement. There are multiple variants of the squat movement, but if you are new to the sport, we will teach you the most basic one. For the most common squat variant, spread your legs shoulder-width apart and squat slightly. The key to squats is that your knees don’t go past your toes. You can do this move for 3 sets of 10 times or more, depending on your body’s endurance. Squat movement is the most well-known and popular weight loss and toning exercise.

Bridge Movement

Thanks to the bridge movement, your hip, leg, and abdominal muscles are activated and fat is burned. Lie on your back on your mat and bend your knees to open them at shoulder level. Your hands should be at your sides and on the mat. Then, with your hands at your sides, only raise your hips, hold it in that position for 2-3 seconds, and then lower it. Make sure that the soles of your feet are always on the mat during the movement. Just like in squat, if you have just started the sport, you can perform this movement for 3 sets of 10 times.

Push-ups on the Wall

The classic push-up move is a move everyone knows. Lie face down, hands open at shoulder level, and the torso is lifted up with support from the hands. Push-ups are a very useful exercise for those who want to lose weight. But if you think that you have difficulty doing the push-ups that are applied parallel to the floor, wall push-ups are for you. For this, stand in front of a blank wall, open your hands at shoulder level and put them on the wall. Your body must be straight, support your hands and move your body closer to the wall and away from it. If it will not force you, you can do this movement 10 times in 3 sets.


The plank movement is also the most popular muscle training exercise practised. Your spine is aligned, a high level of calorie burning is provided and it helps to correct posture disorders. For the plank, get into a push-up position on your mat, but with your elbows on the mat, not your hands. straighten your body and hold for 10-15 or 20 seconds. Do not forget to breathe in this position, your breathing rhythm is also very important for your balance. If you have done a plank before and your endurance has increased, you can extend or shorten this time according to you.

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